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Friday, May 28, 2010

Work experience & Ryan

Ryan has gone off for his first day at trying out hairdressing as a career and he said he was SORT OF LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

I have told him that he must give it a good few days' (over the next few eeeks) to see if it is the career for him and not just decide after one day.

I am holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Silly Milly!

It was just too hot for her yesterday!

I let them out.

It was too hot to keep the cats in this weekend so they are now allowed out but they have to come in at night How do I do this you ask? I feed them once a day so by early evening they are starving and are ready to come indoors, after which they are in.

It's been ages ....

... since I posted!

Have been trying, and failing, to get on with my knitting but I have managed to finish the waistcoat in undyed yarn ready for next week's dyeing session, the counterpane accessory bag is knitted but I am waiting until I do the actual bag so that I can do all the finishing at the same time. I am getting on with the Candida bag (strange name!) so that I can actually use it, and am knitting swatches to make sure they yarn I have will actually work on the patterns I have chosen.

My current WIP's are:

Bronze Age Karen scarf with a few beads to liven up the garter stitch.
Candida Bag
Midwest Moonlight in Kitty's hand-dyed mohair
Trillo cardigan which will probably be frogged very soon as I have found the White Lies Filigree Lace Cardigan pattern that seems to work a treat in the Silk Blend.

I think I have also found a suitable pattern for the Click Aran in the Mission Falls Cora jacket.

I have also been playing with an idea for the Zauberball sock yarn (purple/pink/orange) for a mitred jacket, and my designer head is on for the undyed waistcoat and it's remaining yarn.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thank you ...

Nevisknitter and Fluzz who have both offered to knit some of my lovely laceweight yarn into stoles/shawls/scarves for me.

This means the world to me and I shall treasure the results.

I am not going to be buying anymore laceweight unless I am positive that it is heavier than the two I knew were going to beat me!


Went to the eye clinic on monday, and the consultant told me that I am not to get a new prescription unless my near vision has changed drastically - he says that my vision generally hasn’t changed since 2000. Trouble is, they test my eyes at the hospital with my glasses on and surely the prescription helps a bit! I definitely struggled to see the third line on the sight chart today (thought an ‘E’ was a £ sign).

AND .....

I am not a happy bunny today!

Ryan went with Amber to the doctors yesterday after school as she has really painful knees again, pain that is making her cry. The doctor is referring her to see a specialist with this and then asked Amber if she wanted to talk about her blood test results or should she get me to ring and speak to the doctor on her behalf. It appears that Amber is anaemic and needs iron tablets - I was told two weeks ago by the receptionist that everything was fine, so I shall be informing the doctor of this in no uncertain terns. What if it had been something more serious, not that anaemia isn’t serious, but Amber could’ve been on a course of tablets by now and feeling more lively.

I wrote to Amber’s head of year (lovely man, Mr Johnson) to get her excused from PE for the time being, she wants to do extra coursework instead of watching the others in class, and he saw no problem with this.

I wrote to him again this morning to tell that this arrangement needs to be in place for the foreseeable future and that, after telling him at Amber’s consultation evening that she was OK, Amber is to be prescribed medication for anaemia.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Care for a Cuppa!

Yesterday, I organised a Care for a Cuppa event in aid of Diabetes UK and we had a great time. There were loads of cake for a £1 a slice, recipes, lavender plants kindly donated by Sally, some goodies donated by Clare (some of which sold and the rest were the suject of a mini auction held by the wonderful Amanda), a knitting kit which i made up for a sort of raffle prize, and a 'guess the number of buttons' jar which carried a prize of a £20 Knagaroo gift voucher! All the Kangaloonies subs for yesterday were donated too.

The winners were

Knitting kit - Iris
£20 Voucher - Clare

and we raised around £110!

Thank you everyone who came and joined in. We had a wonderful, fun time.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Could someone please take pity on me?

I bought this lovely Margarte Stove NZ Merino Lac yarn and it is far too fine for me to see properly. I have wound it into a cake already.

I would love someone to knit it up for me!


Haven't had a good few weeks!

1. Problems with tooth - visited dentist FIVE times in four weeks and still have to go back.

2. Problems with indigestion/hiatus hernia. Will have to visit doctor very soon.

3. Have frogged more knitting that I have actually done and hadn't finished anything for SIX weeks! But have now finished Robin which, TBH, I am a little disappointed with as there is far more beading on one side than there is on the other.

Silly Sausage!

We had a leaky carton of milk in the fridge last week, and while I was cleaning it out someone decided to take advantage of the gap behind the drawer!