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Monday, October 26, 2009

Mojo's definitely back!

I have made two scarves since friday, so am really pleased that the christmas knitting is actually being done! ! pompom scarf done, four to go!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Amber ....

.... has suspected swine flu and is on Tami Flu, and she has requested that I make FIVE of her friends scarves for christmas - I wouldn't mind but I have been asking since the beginning of August! Could be worse though - she could have waited until nearly the end of next month before asking!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Curtain Twitcher!


I really don't know what I'd do without Jasper Kitten. He is such a loveable clown, even if he does get a bit overexcited at times (we all have the battle scars to prove it).

In the last couple of days he's taken to sitting beside the sink and playing with any water that might be in the washing up bowl, he's nearly got his head stuck inside a glass trying to drink from it and is very interested in how the boiler works. This morning he decided to curl up in the wash basin in the bathroom and play with the plug which he then tried to run off with - I pushed it into the plughole so Jasper promptly got hold of it with his teeth and pulled it out again! I got back into bed and he was flying all over it playing with a toy mouse until I could hear him chewing something - he'd only dug into a bag of yarn, pulled out a ball and was chewing the ballband!

Ryan had trouble going out this morning without Jasper who decided he wanted to go into Crawley too, and after Ryan left, Jasper sat in the window pitifully crying!

He is adorable!

Seem to be back on track ...... at last!

In the last week, I have finished the Ilga Leja waistcoat, the Mochi Plus beret and the Autumn Garden scarf! I have also made a painful start on my Susie scarf - my atrhritic finger is really sore at the moment and the Cotton Glace together with the 3.25mm needle and 522 stitches, is slow going to say the least.

Cast on yesterday and have achieved 9 rows, so not too bad I suppose!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Had an apopointment to see on the of the Diabetes nurses on wednesday, with a possible view to having a continue blood testing monitor fitted for a week. Luckily, she decided not to do the continual test but we did have a long chat about my control and how I was coping.

She told me to disregard the consultants instructions to give myself a correction dose for readings above 10mmol unless it was really high. amd told me to stand my ground over wanting to keep my control running around 8mmol as I know my own body. She congratulated me on the all day breadings I did on tuesday which were fairly level between 8 and 11mmol, as this is apparently very hard to acheive, and said my HBA1OC was heading in the right direction.

She does fell that I should see a psychologist about my fear of hypos which stem fron being unconscious for hours at a time when I was pregnant with Ryan but we ere both a little concerned that the consultant appears to think/assume I am on steroids when I am most definitely not!

I came way feeling much hapier as the nurse congratulated me on being 'positive' about my diabetes and eyesight! Well i was on wednesday but am not like that all the time!

Finally finished!

In the Courtyard is finally finished - thank goodness. Not sure why I didn't enjoy knitting it - I had frogged the Jo Sharp yarn three times before though so that could have had some influence!

I am going to make White Lies Designs' Letitia to wear at christmas, so had 10 balls of Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Cassis put by at Kangaroo yesterday, and I collected three more balls of Noro silk Garden/Silk Garden Sock for the Noro jacket.

I have the Mochi Plus beret well underway for Sophie's 15th birthday next month, so am tentatively hoping the knitting drought is over!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I hate .....

yarn that splits! The Alpaca Se;ect I am using for the lacy shrug is so pretty and soft, just like angora, but it isn't spun tightly and so it splits. I am enjoying using it though.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October! Already?

Where has this year gone to? Time goes so quickly, I'm sure it must have something to do with Global Warming!

Gave up trying to design/find a pattern for a shrug in the Jo Sharp yarn so am making the In the Courtyard waistcoat pattern from Ilga Leja but, as usual lately, it is slow going. I need to find the perfect 'get me going' project so am making Amber's best friend a beret in CPY Mochi Plus for her birthday next month, and will possibly make her a scarf to match for christmas.

Have found the perfect dishcloth pattern for all knitters with the slogan 'knit now, dishes later' so I think I may be making a few of these!