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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another week and a new addition!

Meet Jasper, Amber's new kitten. He is nearly 8 weeks old and is a little furball of mischief!

Amber sold the Axylotls last weekend and the is the replacement but Susie is not very impressed to say the least - there is a lot of spitting, hissing and growling going on!

Not had a brilliant week - I am very tired and depressed. It didn't help yesterday when Dad and I found an envelope with my name on it in mum's handwriting. It was a birthday card which I am saving for my birthday - mum said years ago that she had bought me a lovely birthday card and then misplaced it, so this is probably the one. Although the card hasn't been written in, she obviously meant it for me. It's now sealed up and on the shelf waiting for 17th September.

Knitting and me haven't really bonded this week. I started a scarf with some JL Salvia yarn FIVE times! I tried a stitch for the Harmony lace & eyelet book twice and wasn't happy, then cast on a lengthways pattern which went wrong, so I found another one in the Ripple pattern book, did a couple of inches and didn't like the yarn so the yarn was frogged again and I've now reverted to old faithful and am slowly knitting a clappy. Frances wants to start our KAL this week and she wants to try and keep up with me - I think I;ll be struggling to keep up with her!

However, I finally managed to pay for my Lady Godiva yarn which arrived yesterday and it is GORGEOUS! I think this is destined to be an Antique Lace waistcoat (Ilga Leja).

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly update

As days seem to whizz past, I think weeklu updates are the best idea!

I've had a good week for finishing off - have finished the scarf for Linxy (spelt right now!) and I finished Liesl last night. I'm going to reserve judgement on Liesl until it's blocked but I do think that maybe the Malabrigo wasn't a good choice after all. I did run out of yarn and used some Cascade 220 in a toning colour so ....

I definitely can't knit lace when David is here so Frances suggested I knit a dishcloth when he's around, which meant I have ordered some Peaches & Creme! I am going to look for a simple bloero/shrug pattern. or knit some of Bounced Chek too.

Frances and I are going to have a mini knitalong! We are planning to make a Pasticcio Circular Vest - Frances is using some aran from her stash and I was going to use the coned yarn I bought from the Old Mill in Hailsham last year. On friday, Frances decided to knit a swatch in it for me and I am so glad she did! It was the highest quality 'squeaky' aran which, when knitted, felt exactly like a pan scourer! Consequently, I am making the vest/waistcoat in Noro Silk Garden from my stash and the coned yarn is being sent to the charity shop!

Ryan went ot an end of year 'Burn your Books' party last night, and I got several calls, the last one being after midnight, with him wanting to come home, so now more parties for him for a while! He has to resit some college exams tomorrow so I should've really made him stay at home and revise. He did put his application in for weekent/holiday work at the Hotel so fingers crossed!

Amber has sold the Axylotls at last so we currently are down to 4 hamsters, 4 gerbils, 4 African land snails, the skink and, last but not least, Susie. She is obsessing about getting another kitten so watch this space!

Frances got Amber some crickets for the skink on friday and, althoughn they are supposed to be silent, they keep chirping. Amber told me that she was watching something on TV with crickets in, and the ones on the table started talking back!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Been a bit lazy in blogging this month - sorry!

Big News Flash!! I've acutally done some housework! Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen, including the floor! Now that you've all scraped yourselves off the floor ....

Amber has started her GCSE courses - she is doing Art, History and Textiles (not her first choice but she's quite happy) as well as the usual core subjects.

Ryan has finished his placement and, hopefully, his exams so is now a free man. He is sort of looking for a summer job.

I've managed to make the Patching it Up bag from the Knitter's Bible - Knitted Bags, a Daisy washcloth, am 2/3 through a scarf for a friend of Ryan's and am attempting a Liesl jacket/waistcoat.

I have such a list of planned projects at the moment it's quite scary! These projects include a clappy for Auntie Ann (Christmas) and

Ilga Leja In the Courtyard
Ilga Leja Antique Lace
Mitred Diamond Bag
Eleonora Shrug
The Big Shrug (if I can get hold of the pattern)
Pillowcase Bolero
White Lies Designs Shrug
Bold Diamonds Vest

I think more hours in the day are required!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Look where I found Susie this morning - snuggled right up to the gerbils!