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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, I gave Megan her cardi yesterday and wish I hadn't bothered!
Megan wouldn't try it on for ages, and my sister complained that it wouldn't go with anything then apparently commented to my great-aunt that it would've been better if it was white!
She did, however, agree that they yarn felt 'nasty' then proeceeded to tell me that I could knit in Bambook next time!
Next time? What next time?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Megan's Coat of Many Colours!

Finally finished! Now I can knit something soft and luxurious!

Having said that - I was thinking of using the Sari Silk in my stash for a bag of some sort!

Amber's teeth

Amber had her check up at the Orthodontist on Tuesday and she is going to be referred to the dental department at QVH for a consultation. She has an adult tooth on the right-hand side of her mouth that just will not come through and the Orthodontist thinks it may need 'a bit of help'. Amber is in a fair amount of pain at the moment as her teetth are being 'moved round' as well!

Why does everything have to be a major problem with Amber? Well I suppose she is turning into a mini me!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What have I done!

I've agreed to let the band Ryan's joined practice here on Monday! I think I must have a screw loose or something, or maybe I just lost my mind for a moment - the exact moment when I agreed to it!
David, Amber and I will be out part of the time as we need to go to Asda and see if we can get her ladyship a new pair of school trousers and buy some food.
Still, it does mean I get to meet his girlfriend so I'd better be on my best behaviour and try not to embarrass him too much!

Well done Ryan!

Ryan sat the first exam in his City and Guilds course on Thursday and, despite not having revised (was absent last week and the notes didn't get passed to him) he passed! Now he is a quarter of the way towards becoming a motor mechanic!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Proposed Knitting Projects

You might be wondering why there are asterisks against a lot of the projects in my list of propsed knitting projects (see below), well they have been added in an attempt to stop me buying yarn! The idea is that I have to knit the majority of projects with an asterisk before I can jusitfy buying any more yarn!

Hopefully, this will coincide with the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in October!

What a busy day!

I was sooo busy yesterday - went to the cinema with David to See Vantage Point (really good although strange to start with), then met up with Dad in East Grinstead after going to the opticians, went to Argos and then went to a performance by Amber's school Drama Club.

I finally have my sunglasses ordered! I am having Oakley Behave sunglasses with the best possible lenses and they are costing - are you sitting down? - £325! Dad says they have got to last me for the rest of my life!

My desk is ordered too although we had to do it online as the one I wanted was completely out of stock at Argos, it is due to be delivered next Wednesday but I did get my chair and a new, easy thread sewing machine yesterday. When I met up with Dad and told him how much my sunglasses were going to cost I told him I wouldn't worry about the sewing machine but he more or less insisted on buying it anyway!

I love my Dad so much and not just because he is being so generous at the moment, he is the absolute best!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


As you all know, the relationship between myself and my sister is more than a little 'difficult' most of the time. Well, several years ago she gave me a desk, which I now constantly use as the computer is on it, and now she wants it back. She had arranged to order a handmade desk that Dad could pay for (she didn't ask him first) but he thought £375 was a bit too much and was looking for an alternative. The desk I use is not really suitable for a computer (it is a ladies' writing desk) so I mentioned to Dad that she could have this one back and I would have a new one.

We then discussed my sister's giant new coffee table (courtesay of ... Dad) and I mentioned that mine was getting a bit grotty - we bought it from a second hand shop about 7 years ago - and Dad said he would gladly buy me a new one,

When my sister arrived at Dad's house we told her she could have the desk and I would have a new one and that Dad had agreed to buy me a new coffee table so we went to the pine shop to have a look and cancel the desk she had ordered, While we were looking, I saw a next of table s I liked and my sister said she had a set I could have at home - in other words it was OK for her to have new but I'm only allowed secondhand! When I told Dad hew was, shall we say, bemused and offered to let me have the next of tables he's got (and I had asked him to leave me in his will) and he'll buy a new one. I really love these tables although they are a bit 70's (kidney shaped) as mum cherished them and I can remember when they were bought but now I'm worried they'll get ruined!

Last night I upset my sister (not hard to do) when I told her she would have to wait for the desk as I needed a replacment first - she was livid as she wants it NOW! Apparently I can put my computer on the dining table and we can eat off our laps. Talk about unreasonable!

Right, end of rant, going now!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Ryan had his usual PE lesson on Tuesday morning and they had to run a type of fitness course - run short distances, push ups, run again squat thrusts, more running then reverse the process and do it five times BUT they weren't given the opportunity of warming up first. Consequently he has been in a fair amount of pain.

Yesterday was college day but when Ryan got up he was nearly crying in pain so I took him to the doctors instead, just to make sure he hadn't done any really damage to himslef. The doctor thoroughly eamined him and found that most of his muscles had gone into spasm, she was not happy that the PE teacher had not allowed the boys to warm up because it is dangerous for teenagers to do this type of exercise without proper care, as their muscles are just developing.

I feel I should notify the PE department that this took place.

Ruan has been taking Ibuprofen and feels a bit easier this morning but he lost a valuable day at college as he has his first exam next week.

Changed mind ....

Called in to the opticians yesterday as Ryan was with (another story), and had a look at the wraparounds they had got in for me. Unfortunately they were really uncomfortable and the 'arms' stuck out behind my head, so they are a no-no - great colour though!

Ann (in the shop) is going to contact another branch and try and get some Oakleys in for next week but, failing that, I have found another pair which will be OK - they have a separate pair of 'glasses' (just two lenses joined together really) that clip inside and are much cheaper. So, fingers crossed, by this time next week they should be ordered!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A year today

Is it really a whole year since you left us Mum?
I miss you more and more each day.
You are never far from my thoughts and forever in my heart.
I love you Mum, wherever you are

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sheer bliss?

Susie loves her belly being buffed!

Stormy Weather!

You could say it had been a bit stormy today - this afternoon the rain was so loud I couldn't hear the TV! When the storm finally passed this is what my garden looked like! Even the traffic was making its way quite slowly along the road! I wouldn't have said the hail stones were that big but we did seem to have a lot. There are still a few white patches in the garden six hours later (this happened around 2.00pm).

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I have been sooo norty ...

... in the last week or two! I have bought loads of knitting books, yarn and knitting bags! So now I am NOT GOING TO BUY anymore for a long, long time - well until Auntie Ann and I go to Ally Pally in October.

I think I will have to keep reciting 'no more yarn' to myself!

I do think I could be trying to cheer myself up too - the anniversary of losing my mum is only a few days away now and it's bringing back memories of when she was ill.


I met up with my friend Kirsty (Safetyfox) yesterday for a farewell cuppa - she is leaving the country on 12th for Qatar! Haven't known Kirsty long - we met as a result of Ravelry but she only lives a few miles away from me and we started meeting once a month at the East Grinstead Knit and Natter group but we seemed to hit it off.

I shall miss her lots and am looking forward to seing her again on her brief visits home.

Good luck Kirtsy.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I had an optician appointment today and my glasses do need changing so I’ve chosen some and Dad is going to pay for them tomorrow. The frames are slightly smaller than I usually go for and I am not going to have graduated tint this time but a uniform tint instead. They are also going to have a UV and an anti-glare coating too.

I am also going to have some wraparound sunglasses as I have a real problem with sunlight and they are getting some emerald green ones in for me to try! The range I am trying is called Evil Eye (!?!) and they have the regular black, brown then burgundy, blue and green!

I suppose it would be better for me to blend into the background but lets call it a mid-life crisis!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Ryan suddenly noticed the other day that his name is an anagram of YARN! It was a complete accident - honest! After all I've had him for 15 years and only just realised!

What sort of a mother does that make me!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Soft Wrap Scarf Kit

I cast on for this yesterday but decided to take something else to Knitting today as I need to concentrate a bit on the wrap pattern. It's not hard but you need to keep your wits about you a bit!

So last night I started a small clappy scarf in the Manos I bought from Maverick on Ravelry.