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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jasper's funny moment

Last night we were all getting ready for bed when Amber and Ryan announced that Jasper was digging through my bed!

After Ryan had filmed this on his phone he said maybe Jasper thought the bed had swallowed me up, but then after I got into the bed Jasper started digging against me!

Well he wasn't really digging - it looked more like a bakc to front moonwalk!
Ryan had his 6th form interview yesterday and rang me in a bit of a state as he’d got the impression the school didn’t want him back next year. Me being me immediately rang the head of 6th form who explained that, as Ryan had not managed to get the grades to start his A levels last september and was doing the buisiness course, he would more thank likely find it difficult to, in effect, go back a year and start year 12 again. She also felt that Ryan would be better off doing a vocational course at college as he clearly doesn’t do well in exam situations.

I phoned Central Sussex College (Crawley) for a prospectus, and Ryan is now seriously considering hairdressing as a career - particularly when I pointed out that rock bands need their hair doing too!

Now for a proud mum moment.

We had Amber’s consultation evening yesterday which, TBH, I was looking forward to like a hole in the head. As you all know, Amber has not a good few months and has never had a good school attendance record. Well ….

SHE IS DOING REALLY WELL with a lot of expected B grades and, I feel if she attended school more (and believe me, she will be) she could be on course for several A grades next year. Her Art teacher thinks she is very talented, which I have to agree with as does her Textiles teacher, who is so encouraging. One of her science teachers thinks she is a budding physicist as she got one of the highest grades in the class for her recent physics module, she got an A in a recent English task, is on course for a good B in History but maths is a problem as she does really well in class but can’t cope under exam conditions - and it is all exam marks in that subject!

I am so proud of my beautiful, intelligent daughter!

Actually I am proud of both my wonderful kids who mean the world to me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Amber's blood tests ...

.... have all come back normal so I have made another appointment at the doctors for friday.
Oh dear, I think my Robin Mystery KAL shawl is coming out much. much larger than it is supposed to be! Oh well, never mind - I do want it light and lacey!
Had a look at the clappy which has been in progress but hibernating since September and it has now been relegated to the frog pond. Decided I hated the yarn and hated how it looked.

That's one less thing to worry about.

Sunday, April 18, 2010



In my case, with small projects I think it should be TWO projects. This means I have my work cut out for me before 18th May (trip to London)!

6 WIP's - how on earth did that happen!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Aestlight and Robin updates

I really don't like the Aestlight pattern one little bit - I think I am garter stitched out!

I am progressing quite well on Robin but I now know that the pattern is stretching my ability to see to the limit. I am enjoying the challenge and am determind that I will not be beaten.

The Houdini twins

Both Jasper and Millie have tried to make a break for freedom in the last week. Firstly, Millie climbed out of the bathroom window and got stuck on the porch roof, then Jasper managed to get out of the back door while Amber was coming in and sauntered past me on the steps into the garden - where he was unceremoniously grabbed by the scruff of the neck!

Wheels are in motion for an enclosure so that they can go out in safety.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning?

I’ve hardly stopped to draw breath over the last two days!

Yesterday we cleared a patch of garden in the back to make a space for an ‘enclosure’ for Jasper.Oscar and Minnie, and I was pulling up shrubs while OH was digging them out, then we replanted them in the front. Then I got tea for Ryan and me (Amber had already got hers) and hoovered the floor a bit, really only to remove some cat fur. Then I watched University Challenge and managed to answer a question on Michelangelo that the contestants couldn’t, followed by the last part ov Frost while knitting my Astlight.

Today we were all up early as Amber had to be at the doctors for her blood test at 8.40am - after 3 attempts the nurse finally managed to find a vein! Then we had breakfast at McDonalds (bacon roll and hash browns - yummm!) followed by spending £112 in Sainsburys, put the shopping away, hung the washing out, sorted out the cupboard under the sink ALL before lunch and this afternoon have sorted out the space under the stairs to make a special area for the cat ‘loo’, washed the damp patch with bleach and found loads of rubbish for the tip, and I hoovered the hall!

Now I have to think about dinner and ready myself for the dentist tomorrow.

Can’t think what’s wrong with me …….


I have found this wonderful pattern and I simply have to make it! Y'see it has grabbed me by the throat is shaking me so hard ...! The pattern is ordered and I am going to use Patons Orient in Blackcurrant.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More kitty pix!

Current knitting

I am involved with two KAL's at the moment (knitalongs for those not in the know)

1. Sheknits ROBIN which is a mystery KAL and is fun although quite challenging as it involves lace, beading and bobbles! I have made a mistake in the pattern but am not frogging as it is in the first patttern repeat and i don't want to!

2. Ukarma (Ravelry) AESTLIGHT KAL which I am finding a bit tedious as the centre part is all garter stitch!

Forest Canopy

Knitted in CP Mini Mochi, shade Strawberry & Lime.
Experimented with a few beads using the crochet hook method.

Supposed to be Spring!

I thought it was supposed to be spring! The weather has turned really, really cold, wet and miserable!