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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Purple Passion

I am in love with this bag. I simply adore everything about it - the pattern Noni Three Confections, the colour, the design and the embellishments I have personally added!

Friday, June 27, 2008

My first weaving!

My very first weaving project - all my own work! I used Debbie Bliss Prima from the warp threads (and some of the weft) and Cherry Tree Hill Pisa for the weft. I think it's not bad for a first attempt!

Good News!

I had a phone call the a couple of days ago from a lovely lady at the Sensory Team with regard to me being registered as partially sighted. She was really helpful and is arranging for me to be assessed to see what I may be entitled to but in the meantime is sending me a collapsible white stick (in case I need it), a talking watch (I really struggle with watch faces) and details on talking books from the RNIB. She also mentioned that I am entitled to a bus pass too!

She asked me how I was coping with things like the cooker and the washing machine and I was very surprised to find out that I could have got help with my old appliances without being regstered! She told me to let anyone know who struggles with sight problems to contact them!

I was just happy to hear that they had received the registration which means the consultant agreed with the other doctors!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Village Show entry

Finished my bag yesterday - have taken various aspects of other patterns and put them together as the design as to be my own. Am more than happy with the outcome and the bag has ended up just as I had imagined!

I am not going to be posting any photos until the show on 20th July, and only close family are allowed to see it!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Amber had her op yesterday and is feeling a bit sorry for herself but she is eating a bit (not quite as much as normal).

She was only in theatre for about 15 minutes! And there was me thinking I'd get a lot of knitting done while I waited - I only had time to make two small flowers for my bag design and drink half a mug of tea! It was a good job I didn't walk across the hospital to the canteen - the ward gives you a sqaure beeper which, when they want you back on the ward, flashes, vibrates and makes a fairly loud noise! I t can't be turned off until you return it to the nurse!


I have found out what is wrong with my good (right) eye - an epiretinal membrane has formed over tne retina (a form of scar tissue) which is OK all the time it is growing but once it has reached 'full size' it starts to shrink causing the retina to distort and the macular (at the back of the eye) to pucker. This means my central vision is impaired and the reason why I am suddenly able to be registered as partially sighted. The only cure is an operation which I am not happy about having and actually hasn't been offered to me, but the condition shouldn't get much worse. Unfortunately it is fairly rare in diabetics!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Clapotis vs Argosy?

Definitely Clapotis!!

Village Show

Still can't decide what to do for my knitting entry in the show so I have started yet another bag - at this rate I won't be entering at all!

Fantastic French Trip!

Amber had a wonderful time in France and spent ALL her money! She was soo tired though!

On saturday she took three friends to McDonalds for her birthday (yesterday), and today she had a day's holiday from school and her father came and took her out for the day. She came back with a DVD, a new pair of jeans, some Lush goodies and another hamster!

Sunny has been adopted by Amber's best friend Emily so I haven't got any explaining to do to dad!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Les Grande Decouverte!

Amber has gone on her school trip to France this morning - she was picked up by her best friends dad at .... 5.00 am as they had to be at school by 5.45am! They are going via Eurotunnel/Eurostar (Ryan went by ferry two years ago) and it has taken ages for Amber to understand that the actual coach goes on the train - she thought the coach would drive under the sea!

Two full days of peace and quiet - no tantrums or dramas until Friday at 6.30pm!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

New hobby!

I had my first weaving lesson on thursday and Dad ordered my loom yesterday for Phil to pick up at Woolfest at the end of June. I have a few ideas and now know what I am going to do with some of the odd yarn I have in my stash.

Phil has lent me her loom and Amber is currently weaving on it. We are going to try and get a secondhand loom for her so that I can keep my work separate.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I went to the eye clinic yesterday and the doctors have finally agreed to register me as partially sighted. Trouble is, I've been saying that I am partially sighted for so long, now that it is finally being recognised I don't know how to feel - now I've got a label!