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Monday, March 29, 2010

Have had a really bad week, possibly - well more than likely - as a result of the consultant insisting on me taking cholesterol medication. It wreaked havoc with my diabetes so I stopped taking it after a week and feel much better now - I had lots of really high readings for no reason whatsoever!

Finished Forest Canopy which I loved, although I am not too ken on Mini Mochi, and have made Amber a Meret (beret by Woolly Wormhead) in some really grotty dk/aran that Iris gave me (the rest is going on a trip to the charity shop). Piccies will follow when I have more time - GP appointment.

Monday, March 22, 2010

In the last week -

We have decorated the dining room and it now looks fantastic! The desk is nearer the window and there is enough natural light to mean that I don't need the light on to see the keyboard!

Had Ryan's consultation evening at school, and although all his teachers think he is marvellous HE MUST WORK HARDER to make sure he gets the right grades!

Frogged my Mini Mochi made up shawl because I decided it looked horrible (and I did make a mistake in some lace I was adding). I have now started a Forest Canopy which I am lving and have taught myself the crochet hook method of adding beads!

Had a Low Vision Clinic appointment on friday, and they are supplying me with special glasses to use when the light is poor due to mist/fog. I am going to need a bigger bag again!

Monday, March 15, 2010

It must be love!

Millie says Jasper keeps laying on her - he says he loves her but she think's he's trying to kill her!

Jasper just doesn't care!


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sorry again for not posting but time seems to be getting away from me! The last few days are our bad time of the month as there are a lot of family loss anniversaries so have been concentrating on other things!

Am getting really impatient about the decorating as I want to get on with it! We've made a start on getting rid of the huge stacks of junk that seem to accumulate everywhere and Ryan got a load of stuff put in the loft yesterday, hopefully we will be able to get started in a few days or so!

Finished Pimpelliese last night (or rather early this morning) and have decided to get the Mini Mochi project finished, smoke ring made and then .... start something bigger like a jacket for me!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Is it really over a week since I last posted?

1. Ryan is now 17.

2. I’ve finally had enough of Amber always beeing ill so we had a visit to the doctor yon tuesday.

Amber had suspected Swine Flu last October and hasn’t really been well since and I was beginning to wonder if she might have M.E. She has lost some weight (which isn’t really a bad thing as my daughter is large for her age), is always tired, gets lots of headaches, very pasty-looking and seems to be getting a lot of viruses and colds, one after the other.

She must be feeling off colour because she has occasionally used my testing kit to test her blood sugar without being prompted (Icheck both my kids if they start showing any possible symptoms of starting to develop diabetes) and even managed to do a first thing in the morning one which, I suppose, could’ve been a bit better.

The doctor did a full check and has arranged for Amber to have a fasting blood test on the tuesday after Easter (so that no school is missed as Amber has had lots of time off). I mentioned M.E. but the doctor never said anything and I didn’t want to make too much of it as Amber doesn’t know anything about the illness - yet.

There is probably nothing more than teenage-itis wrong with her.

3. Ummm - went into C & H Fabrics yesterday in Tunbridge Wells - BIG mistake!

Bought 2 Balls Rowam Wool Cotton to make some more gloves (purple), a 100g Regia Hand dyed effect yarn (probably a shawl) and 100g Regia yarn with silver runing through it for a shawl - probably Deirdre.

Whoops! Had a lovely day though.

Bought a new bag for my knitting from a stall and a lovely heavy silk scarf too.

I think I will have to sell some of my beloved bags (not knitted ones)!

4. Millie (spelt right) hasn't stopped 'moaning' since she had her op last week and seems to have an opinon of her own on everything and anything!

5. Jasper took it upon himslef to destroy on of my Knitpro tips by CHEWING IT! Ryan is buying me a new set of 3.5mm for Mothers Day (along with a skein of Malabrigo Silky Merino). Wonderful boy!